Clean and Return of Contaminated SF6
Hudson has the capability to take contaminated SF6 and bring it back up to ASTM or IEC specs. This allows customers to reduce their demand for newly created gas and eliminate the need for destruction of contaminated SF6. Clean and return of contaminated SF6 is a sound economic and environmental decision.

Cylinder Management
With strict EPA regulations on the horizon, it is vital for all customers to have an understanding of their SF6 inventory. At Hudson we work with customers to consolidate SF6 heels and certify high pressure cylinders. This simplifies inventory tracking and guarantees both DOT and EPA compliance.

Onsite Recovery / Recovery Cart Rentals
Hudson has a fleet of vehicles, recovery machines and fully trained technicians to take care of all your SF6 service needs. We have the ability to assist with any SF6 project, nationwide. Rental of the SF6 assets is also available.